Last event and some updates!

Greetings readers! 

My last event was a wonderful wedding that was held at Charter Hall in downtown Roanoke. The venue is in the middle of the bar and restaurant district and provides for a great setting for the bride and groom to get amazing urban photos after their big moment.  


Photo credit: Patrick Perkins Photography.  

Photo credit: Patrick Perkins Photography.  

The ceremony was a beautiful mashup of both Indian and Western wedding traditions. While we didn't have the typical multi-day wedding associated with most traditional Indian weddings, the more intimate and important ceremonies were celebrated. The bride and her party had beautiful henna work done by a local henna artist. 


Photo credit: Patrick Perkins Photography

Photo credit: Patrick Perkins Photography

Another amazing part of working an event at Charter Hall is their open catering. Working with the bride and groom leading up to their big day we were able to secure two local restaurants, Leonore's and Taaza to help cater, along with Madera's who provided the staff for the evening. Staying with the mix of traditions the food for the evening was selection of Indian and Italian-American favorites. Being able to provide their guests with a selection of delicious foods and at an affordable price was important to my clients and this venues open catering policy and the willingness of local restaurants to step up to the challenge made for a memorable dining experience during the reception! 

Personally, I cannot wait to work another event or wedding at Charter Hall. The staff is incredibly helpful, from the time you book the venue until the days after when they follow up with you to make sure you had all of your needs met by their event manager and building staff. 

If you're looking for ways to make your big day easier on you don't hesitate to contact us today! 


"This company organized our beautiful wedding. As the bride, all I had to do is send a text/question and it was handled. He already has working relationships with most vendors in Roanoke, and found us deal magic we couldn't have dreamed of. Thanks for everything Matthew Jones!" - Bride from July 9, 2016 wedding. 


I also want to take this moment to let my readers know that I have updated the Spanish page of the website. I am fluent in Spanish and look forward to working with any clients who may need these services provided to them whom may only speak Spanish. 



Save a Horse; Taste a Bourbon!

Dash 2 Events is very proud and excited to take part in the upcoming Save a Horse; Taste a Bourbon fundraiser to benefit the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue. This event will be on April 9th at the Roanoke City Market Building in Downtown Roanoke. Tickets are on sale right now at

Help the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue continue to provide care and support for these horses!

Five reasons to hire an event planner

5 Reasons to hire and event planner


1 - Cost: It may be cheaper in the short term to use your own in house staff to plan your next event. However, with our access to suppliers and vendors around the Valley we can help lower the cost of your next event.


2 - Time: All we do is plan events, no reason to spread your employees thin when we thrive on the process of planning your next event.


3 - Knowledge: Our knowledge is the key to the success of your next event. Whether it be the most basic meeting to a multi day conference, we have the tools to make your events successful!


4 - Stress: Why add the additional stress of planning an event to your day to day business operations when we can take that off your mind and let you sit back and enjoy next event.


5 - Your "Go To" Person: As event planners it is our job to worry about the details, and be the catch all for any issues that may arise allowing you to be a guest at your own event.



Contact us today to make sure your next event goes off without a hitch!

Updating the website!

Good Evening!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there will be some changes coming to the website in the next couple of weeks as we get ready for the New Year. We will be adding a couple of pages where we expand our services to include other languages that are commonly spoken here in the Roanoke Valley and beyond. Dash 2 Events will also be bringing on someone to exclusively handle the planning of your big day!

Stay tuned for these big changes coming after the first of January 2016!

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Welcome to Dash 2 Events

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get this far in my personal and professional life. It has always been my life's dream to be a small business owner. I hope that through this journey I will be able to help promote new events and bring new and exciting events to the Roanoke Valley.  

It has been a great journey to get to this point in my professional career and I look forward to working with all of my future clients.

Thank you!